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The British Freediving Association (BFA) is the UK governing body of the international freediving organization AIDA. We promote recreational and competitive freediving, ratify freediving records, and sponsor events for our members. The BFA also supports a growing network of affiliated freediving clubs throughout the UK.

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6th BFA Great Northern - British National Records for Georgina Miller & John Moorcroft, Winners Dan Betts (UK), Matej Bergoc (SLO) & Beci Ryan (UK)

GN 2015 Matej Bergoc DNF

On Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 March, the 6th Great Northern International and the BFA UK National Pool Championships, organised by Steve Millard of www.freedivers.co.uk was held at Lifestyle Fitness Aquatic Centre in Liverpool (www.liverpool.gov.uk/lifestyles).

Two British national records were smashed by John Moorcroft and Georgina Miller. On the podium for the UK women were Beci Ryan, Georgina Miller and Lucelle Simms and for the men it was Dan Betts, Josh Walton and Jason Kirkpatrick. The International male winner was Matej Bergoc of Slovenia, in second Stephen Heiss of Germany and in third David Fournier of Switzerland and for the women it was Beci Ryan first, Masa Sorn of Slovenia taking second and Georgina Miller in third.read more

Picture Credit: Daan Verhoeven (www.daanverhoeven.com)

Lung Packing - Safety Update!


From your Training & Safety Officer Liv Philp training@britishfreediving.org

The BFA are really happy to see so many new and renewed members in 2015. Part of our role is to improve safety in UK Freediving as well as to promote it as a sport. Thousands of pool and depth dives are completed safely and enjoyably each year, and we would like that to continue.

In order to be safe during your pool, depth and dry training as the recreational and competitive season kick off, please be aware that the practise of lung packing (dry or in water) should be avoided. read more

Free pool event for BFA members!


The BFA Committee would like to invite all members for the 1st BFA Members Meet-up. If you arent a member, join up and come along!

The event will take place on the 18th April in Sheffield at Ponds Forge complex and will include a short discussion regarding freediving safety followed by 2 hours of activities in the diving pool (6m deep!).

Whether you interested in blowing bubble-rings, practicing your duck dive or just having fun in a slightly deeper pool, come and join us!

Hopefully this will be the first of many successful events we strive to organise in the future, including both indoor and open water.

read more

Introducing Freedive-Earth, a brand new resource and community for freedivers worldwide

freedive earth

Freedive-Earth is a brand new resource and community for freedivers worldwide. Our team is made up of experienced international athletes, instructors and a real life doctor. The site is packed full of training tips, freediving physiology, a no-holds barred Q&A zone, the latest in safety, news and information all with an emphasis on fun. We're proud to offer you the world's first online freediving-specific training log, a comprehensive freediving school directory and the facility to connect with other freedivers around the world.


Picture Credit: Daan Verhoeven (www.daanverhoeven.com)

UK National Freediving Champions Announced: Mike Board & Liv Philip

2015 UK National Freediving Champions Mike Board & Liv Philip

The UK National Freediving Champions are Liv Philip (www.livphilip.com), and Michael Board (www.freedivegili.com)! Collating points earned across all six competitive disciplines, in pool and depth, is how the selection of the annual male and female UK Champions is made. Mike and Liv are two of the most experienced freedivers in the UK and even with their level of experience and achievements, what comes across clearly from speaking with them is their genuine love for the sport, especially of the sea, and read more

photo credit: Anne-Louise Fortin & Daan Verhoeven

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