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The British Freediving Association (BFA) is the UK governing body of the international freediving organization AIDA. We promote recreational and competitive freediving, ratify freediving records, and sponsor events for our members. The BFA also supports a growing network of affiliated freediving clubs throughout the UK.



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    • Information on events taking place
    • The chance to qualify for the 2019 world championships events.

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    • Help in setting up events and press support. Please see our grant application process for more details.
    • Help in setting up a club

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Bristol Blue 2018 BFA National Championship

This weekend, Bristol Freedivers hosted their 3rd Bristol Blue Freediving competition, which this year incorporated the British Freediving Association’s National Freediving Championships.  The event took place across two days, with the dynamic (with fins) taking place at Hengrove Park Leisure Centre on Saturday 24 March and the dynamic no fins and static at Horfield Leisture Centre on …