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The British Freediving Association (BFA) is the UK governing body of the international freediving organization AIDA. We promote recreational and competitive freediving, ratify freediving records, and sponsor events for our members. The BFA also supports a growing network of affiliated freediving clubs throughout the UK.

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British free diving needs you! We are looking for a Treasurer, Press, Secretary and Clubs Officer.


Treasurer, Press, Secretary and Clubs officer needed!

The committee would like to say thank you to Beci Ryan, Martin jones and Georgina Miller for their time as press, treasurer and clubs officer (and joint secretary) over the last years. We are sad to see them leave and wish them all the best with their diving in the future. Your help will be missed!

It's that time of year again. This year's British Freediving Association Annual General Meeting (AGM) will take place on Saturday the 5th December at 6pm where we will all gather on line. You are all very welcome to come to the AGM, listen, take part and give your views.

If you would like to attend, please send an email to secretary@britishfreediving.org, add We_are_the_BFA as a friend on skype and we will call you at the start of the meeting read more....

2015 AIDA Individual Depth World Championships - Team of 8 Fly the Flag for Team GB!

2015 UK team The 2015 AIDA Individual Depth World Championships have now closed and this year were hosted in Limassol, Cyprus from 11 – 19 September, on a spectacular 500m2 barge, with up to 40m visibility. A team of 8 British athletes represented the country: Michael Board, Tim Money, John Moorcroft, George Close for the men and Liv Philip, Georgina Miller, Helena Boudillon and Beci Ryan for the women. Michael Board came to the competition with 2 Wild Cards one in constant weight (CWT) and the other in free immersion (FIM), meaning he ranked Top Ten in the World last year (in those disciplines). All the athletes are self-funded and were grateful to receive sponsorship from Elios, Divesangha and Bounce Energy Balls. read more....

Picture Credit: Daan Verhoeven (www.daanverhoeven.com)

A FIM National Record for Michael Board of 97m! At AIDA World Championship Pre-Competition

A FIM National Record for Michael Board of 97m

On Thursday 10 September Michael Board broke his own Free Immersion national record by pulling himself down a rope to a depth of 97m and back again. Michael was taking part in the Pre-Competition to the Individual AIDA Depth World Championships in Limassol, Cyprus and it was the third and final day of the competition. Board had previously nailed a solid 100m Constant Weight dive, using a mono fin to swim down and up, on day one and so was looking in good shape to dive deep in this competition, and as it turns out started and ended on a high note. Mike’s previous record was 96m, set at the prestigious Vertical Blue competition on Long Island in the Bahamas on 15 November 2013 read more...

Picture Credit: Daan Verhoeven (www.daanverhoeven.com)

Neil Wood's freedive Cowboys and Indians wins Photo Competition.

Neil Wood's freedive Cowboys and Indians wins Photo Competition

As so many of our members enjoy underwater photography, we thought we'd offer a different kind of freedive competition this summer.

The challenge was to capture the essence of freediving in one picture. We received six entries, all expressing that essence with a different perspective.

Camilla Argent shot the beautiful outline of a shark underwater, expressing a grace we'd all like to have underwater. Samphire Amps and Neil Wood captured fun.... read more....

UK Depth Team for 2015 Individual AIDA Depth World Championships in Limassol, sponsored by Elios Sub, Divesangha, Bounce Energy Balls & Saltfree


The BFA are delighted to announce the UK Team for the 2015 Individual AIDA Depth World Championship (www.freedivingcyprus.com/wc-2015), taking place in Limassol, Cyprus.

Athletes will compete in 3 depth disciplines: Free Immersion (FIM), Constant Weight with fins (CWT) and without fins (CNF) during the 9-day long event in September (11th to 19th).

The UK is sending the following strong and experienced team of 8: Liv Philip, Michael Board, George Miller, John Moorcroft, Helena Bourdillon, Tim Money, Beci Ryan and George Close..... read more


2015 BFA Team Sponsors



'Elios suits are amazing, they are like a second skin, and so quick through the water' - Tim Money (represented the UK in 5 World Championships)


Bounce Balls

Salt Free

Want to sponsor the 2015 team? click here

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