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The British Freediving Association (BFA) is the UK governing body of the international freediving organization AIDA. We promote recreational and competitive freediving, ratify freediving records, and sponsor events for our members. The BFA also supports a growing network of affiliated freediving clubs throughout the UK.

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Introducing the 2014 UK Team, sponsored by Elios Sub, Beet-it & Bounce Energy Balls

AID 2014 Freediving World Championships

The 2014 AIDA Team World Championships will be held on the island of Sardinia from the 16th to 27th September. The BFA are extremely proud to be sponsored by Elios Sub, Beet-it Sport and Bounce Energy Balls. We are sending a team of 3 women, 3 men and a reserve.

For the men we have 7-times National record holder and current British record holder for Constant Weight and Free Immersion Mike Board (Team Captain); 2014 National Pool Championship winner Tim Money; World Championship static B-finalist Adam Drzazga and representing the UK for a second time Jay Cluskey (reserve).

For the women we have 7-times National Champion and 10-times National record holder Liv Philip; 5-times National record holder and current British static record holder Georgina Miller; and Beci Ryan who placed third at the 2014 National pool championships. read more

Liv Philip Wins 7th Mediterranean Freediving World Cup!

Liv Philip Wins 7th Mediterranean Freediving World Cup

Liv Philip (www.livphilip.com), swooped into Crete to win the 7th Mediterranean World Cup (www.freediving-club.gr), hosted by Stavros Kastrinakis!

Due to a tight work schedule, Liv only came out for one week and did just a couple of training dives before the competition proper. Despite these disadvantages and it being so early in the season, Liv, who only had one opportunity to perform each of the three disciplines, did three solid dives with the necessary white cards to win: CWT 55m, FIM 50m, CNF 40m.

Liv gave thanks to the organiser, judges, doctor and safety divers, and said ‘it was very special to have sometime in the sea, because of financial limitations and commitments at home, I have had very little time in the water this year, especially compared to many of the other athletes, so I really felt very happy and humbled by being in the ocean again'.     read more

Picture Credit: Nicholas Kouvaras

Rebecca Coales takes Dynamic National Record to 179m

Rebecca Coales Dynamic National record

10th July 2014; -- On the 6th July, 2014 Rebecca Coales took the previous female dynamic with fins (DYN) record to 179m at the Life Leisure, Grand Central 50 metre Pool in Stockport (www.lifeleisure.net/enterprise/grandcentralpools). For those new to freediving, DYN is swimming as far as you can horizontally in a swimming pool with a mono fin or bi-fins on one breath of air. Rebecca already holds the current UK dynamic without fins record (DNF).

The DYN record had previously been held by Ruth Griffin, incredibly since 2009. Rebecca, with a very comfortable dive beat the 175m on the board, surfacing with great control and suggesting she is well within her limits. The whole dive took 2 minutes 36 Seconds.

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Picture Credit: Nick Robertson-Brown

New Static National Record for Georgina Miller at the 7th Med Freediving World Cup!

Georgina Miller beat her own static national record

Saturday 28 June 2014; -- On the 20th June 2014, Georgina Miller beat her own static national record, holding her breath for an incredible 6 minutes and 27 seconds at the 7th Mediterranean Freediving World Cup (www.freediving-club.gr), hosted by Stavros Kastrinakis. The previous record she set was in 2012 of 06:20.

On the morning of the static competition, George, who has been suffering from bouts of competition nerves of late, dealt with them beautifully by she says 'concentrating on one step at a time, rather than looking at it as a target'. A lot of thought, training and energy goes into a long static performance and George is very positive when talking about the discipline which she genuinely enjoys tackling. Georgina freely offers advice and openly shares her experiences with fellow athletes, genuinely wanting to help them improve and see them succeed. She credits her partner and coach, Daan Verhoeven (www.daanverhoeven.com), with her success: 'I give enormous thanks to Daan for all of his help, love, advice, incredible pictures and fantastic coaching.'  read more Picture Credit: Daan Verhoeven (www.daanverhoeven.com)

BFA 2014 Outstanding Contribution to Freediving Award goes to Liv Philip

BFA 2014 Outstanding Contribution to Freediving Award goes to Liv Philip

Monday, 23 June 2014; -- The BFA is proud to announce the Outstanding Contribution to Freediving award 2014 is awarded to Liv Philip (livphilip.com). Introduced some years ago, it has been awarded to John Moorcroft and Ben Noble. As well as being National Champion seven years in a row, breaking ten national records, being the World's top ranked female freediver across the six disciplines in 2010 and World Championship Bronze medal winner in the 2013 Individual Depth World Championship. Liv is one of the UK's most active freedivers, a Master Instructor who also runs two London-based clubs (www.londonfreediving.org) has coached a number of successful freedivers, showing a community spirit that makes her a great ambassador for freediving, competitions, media, film and TV.
Orca has very kindly sponsored this award in the form of an Orca Breath suit (www.orca.com/gb-en/).
For more information on Liv, her achievements and courses, please visit her site www.livphilip.com
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Picture Credit: Emma Critchley (www.emmacritchley.com)


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