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Did you know?

Glossary of Terms

The below glossary documents frequently used terms as interpreted by BrightMove Media.


An advertising panel can have different 'aspects' such as Angled, Parallel and Head On. However, a single panel may have multiple aspects depending on the road it is seen from: one panel may be parallel to road 'A' and at the same time angled to road 'B'. BrightMove Media's panels can be seen from a 140 degree angle.


Increasingly used within the media industry. Advertisers create value with barter companies by trading excess stock/services and create media value. This value is used to negotiate by barter companies with media owners.

Cost per 1000 (CPM)

Used to compare the relative cost for that format against other formats and media. Can be used to compare relative effectiveness against a specific audience.


The percentage of people within a target audience that will see an outdoor campaign at least once. Maximum cover in outdoor normally reaches 80%.

Creative Visualisation

Used to mock up creative concepts in situ on a OOH format to provide a guide of relative visibility of creative , copy and branding.


A television term that has now entered the OOH language with the development of digital formats. BrightMove can sell set periods of the day to optimise audience delivery, increase ROI and reduce wastage.


The number of times someone sees/ hears an ad during a campaign.

Geo-Aware Messaging

Dynamically changing the creative message when a taxi moves into or out of a pre-defined area. EG, for a campaign we did for Zoopla, the number of properties for sale or rent changed depending on which post-code the taxi was in.

Geo-Demographic Mapping

Most Specialists and media owners will have a mapping system that allows precise targeting of environments, outlets and audiences. BrighMove has two geo-demographic packages pre-defined – West End Shoppers & Business People.


Only showing your message in specific geographic areas of London – EG: The West End.


The number of people on average who will see one ad show on our display units.


BrighMove Media uses a 30 second loop on which to show up to six, 5 second advert.

OTS - Opportunity to See

The total number of opportunities that people passing a panel in an average week have to see that panel. Note: any individual may have several opportunities to see a given panel in a week.


Not to be confused with SAB. This is totally unplanned and happens when the Media Owner has unsold inventory and extends existing campaigns at no extra cost.

Posting cycle or period

A hangover from the days of posters that had to be pasted to a billboard. Whilst campaigns officially start on a set date the posting logistics mean that static poster campaigns will post over a period of up to 5 days around the in charge date. This is longer for transport formats such as buses and taxis but with BrightMove the Posting date is the minute the client demands the camapign begins.

Real Time Bidding [RTB]

Potentially the future for Digital OOH . Agencies will use a Demand Side Platform to bid for inventory that is available and delivers the relevant audience.


SAB [Space available bonus] are often added to campaigns to reflect a significant commitment by an advertiser and promise additional, free ad-shows if there is space available.


One 5 second advert shown in a 30 second loop.

Share of Voice (SoV)

Reflects how many adverts for the same client that are shown in a single 30 second loop.


A database that looks at the propensity of media to deliver a specific audience type eg what proportion of Telegraph readers travel use the underground . Used to compare format types.

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