UK Instructors

BFA Affiliated Freediving Instructors


AIDA, as well as other agencies such as SSI, RAID, PADI and others, certify freediving instructors, and approved courses are delivered in the UK via our Affiliated Instructors.

Below is a list of all currently active instructors who have official instructor status with either AIDA International or another agency, and who are also members of the BFA.

AIDA UK Instructors

Name Area Qualification(*) Email
Sam Amps (Kirby) Cornwall AIDA Instructor Trainer
Mike Board  Indonesia  SSI Instructor Trainer
Ian Donald Cornwall AIDA Master Instructor
Helena Bourdillon London SSI Instructor
Mandy Buckley Cheshire AIDA Instructor
James Cozens Whiltshire SSI Instructor
Jean-Fabrice Detard London AIDA Instructor
Adam Drzazga Herts & London AIDA Instructor
Emma Farrell Bath and Somerset AIDA & RAID Instructor Trainer
Mark Gooding Surrey AIDA Instructor
Adrian Hamilton Woking AIDA Instructor
Andy Jardine Bristol AIDA Instructor
Steve Millard NorthWest & Yorks AIDA Instructor Trainer
Tim Money Surrey AIDA Instructor
Julian Jansen van Rensburg Kent AIDA Instructor
Bartosz Lubecki Liverpool AIDA Instructor
Liv Philip London AIDA Master Instructor
Georgina Miller Cornwall SSI Instructor
Matthias Ruttimann Manchester AIDA Instructor
Giorgos Sakkas Devon Apnea Academy Instructor
Maria-Teresa Solomons Mexico AIDA Instructor Trainer
David Tranfield Sheffield AIDA Instructor
Daan Verhoeven Cornwall AIDA Instructor
Josh Walton Bristol AIDA Instructor