Committee Members

The BFA Committee 2016/17

Chair - George Miller

George Miller


My name is Georgina Miller and I started freediving in 2007. I used to be a scuba instructor and I have swapped blowing bubbles for holding my breath. I live in London so spend quite a bit of time in the pool craving deep warm water to play in! I love free diving so much and Im really excited about the sport growing and the fantastic community that takes part in it. So taking on the role of clubs is a brilliant opportunity to help others develop in a safe an positive environment. Happy apnea everyone!

Clubs - Kayleigh Relf

Kayleigh Relf


I’ve never been particularly good at sports but I’ve always loved being in the water! I’m a PADI Scuba & Freediver Instructor and when not deep beneath the surface, you’ll also find me training with Neptune Finswimming Club. Most of all, I love holding my breath on the platform at Saltfree or splashing in the pool with Bristol Freedivers. Regardless if cold water diving in the UK or in warmer water further afield, I love diving beneath the water, you never know what you’re going to see..or when you’ll see it! The hectic pace of life is left on the surface, replaced by one where everything moves in slow motion. I’m really passionate about the sport and its community and am looking forward to taking on the role of Clubs Officer to help further share my love of Freediving and to help encourage the safe practice of the sport to others. Dive, Dive, Dive!!

Competitions - Mark Gooding

Mark Gooding


I first started freediving in 2002 whilst working as a scuba instructor in Malta. I found the feeling of being underwater without any gear, the silence and stillness, to be amazing. For many years it remained a purely recreational pastime, a welcome break from my profession as a diver, free from heavy gear and bubbles. I later completed my AIDA instructor course and soon after started competing. I have competed in many competitions both in the uk and abroad and have always found the experience to be great fun. I am pleased to take over the role of competitions for the BFA and look forward to many more competitions.

E-Media - Barrie Mcphilbin

Barrie McPhilbin


5 Years ago I took my first breath underwater I'm now a full PADI Scuba Instructor teaching in the uk based in Nottingham. If that wasnt enough, I took on the challenge of freediving I jumped into my Aida 2 Star with Purefreedive and found yet another love affair with water. Scuba and Freediving are my passions with the added benefit I get to meet some amazing people along the way. By day I'm working within the IT Industry outside of work I'm diving, I need my water fix.

Membership - Alexandra Mikheeva

Alexandra Mikheeva


I first discovered freediving when one summer in France I decided to challenge myself to swim pool lengths underwater. The summer ended, challenges increased, and after a couple of years I found out that breath holding is actually a sport that has a lot of theory and training behind it. This discovery also came at a pivotal point of my life, and helped me develop physically, socially and emotionally. I joined a local training group in 2015, achieved my first Aida certificate a few months later, and continue to explore my own limits below the surface on our weekly sessions. Being under water provides me with the kind of peace and serenity I otherwise can only find on top of a mountain (but the pool is easier to get to).While I am still new to the sport, I am excited to continue learning about it and spreading my love for it to all our existing and potential new members in the years to come!

Press Officer - Louise Nelson


Hello! My name is Louise Nelson and I'm delighted to join the BFA Committee.

I've had a lifelong fascination with the underwater world and I spent most of my childhood summers in pools, lakes and oceans. I qualified as a scuba diver in 1999 but was always intrigued by freediving. I joined Apnea Revolution club in 2016, got certified, and quickly fell in love with the sport. I have a passion for exploration, science, history, the natural world, photography, sport, film, and travel – all of which freediving marries so perfectly together. Everyone in the freediving community that I've met in the UK and abroad has been welcoming, friendly and helpful.

I'm keen to promote the safe practice of the sport, to raise awareness of freediving, and to support the UK community and all of its members. Please contact me with any questions, requests or opportunities you have and I would be happy to help!"

Records & AIDA Liaison - David Tranfield,


Hi , i started my enjoyment in the water way back in the 1980's with water skiing and then going under the surface in Scuba and progressing to a Padi dive master. In 2007 i took my first plunge as a budding free diver and quickly gained depth through the Aida courses in many different exotic locations. Since then i became an Aida Instructor and have been competing continuously for the past four years to the extent of achieving three National Records in the constant weight no fins discipline and competing twice in the Individual British Team competitions. The latest achievement is becoming an Aida Judge and i have now judged numerous pool competitions and National Record attempts and will be judging more this coming year in depth and pool disciplines. I hope this coming year will be as fruitful as last year with more fantastic National Records to follow. I look forward to hearing from anyone who is ready to make an attempt and will be here to assist them with their questions and to put them on the right path and to certify any successful Records. Wishing you all the best of luck , David Tranfield

Secretary - Julian Jansen van Rensburg


My journey into free diving first began off the coast of South Africa many moons ago. This early encounter with our underwater realm has led to a lifetime appreciation and involvement with the sea and to my current role as an AIDA Instructor. I hold a doctorate in Maritime Archaeology, which has allowed me to combine my love of the sea with that of the past. In my spare time I can be found by the water – free diving, spearfishing, scuba diving, surfing or sailing. I have competed in pool and depth competitions in Germany and Greece. My passion for free diving has inspired me to take up the current role of Secretary for the BFA and I look forward to being able to help you with any of your queries.

Sponsorship - Jay Cluskey

Jay Cluskey


James has been diving for many years now, he runs a club session in the City of Liverpool, and was the first Freediver from that area to represent his country in Nice, 2012. He is a 'pool rat', 'depth junkie' and 'spearo' all in one. His networking skills and knowledge of the industry make him well placed to help sponsors get the most from the growing sport of Freediving. He has secured many deals with manufacturers for National competitions and for the National squad at International events so if you have a service or product you want to promote, please contact him on the e-mail below and he can discuss some way of getting a mutually beneficial package together.

Training & Safety - Liv Philip

Liv Philip


I first figured out it was fun to hold my breath whilst guiding with Whalesharks in Australia . We helped researchers by diving beneath the sharks to feedback information. I'd worked as a Scuba Instructor for a number of years, in freediving i found yet another excuse to throw myself in the big blue sea. Back home I thought i'd better learn something about what i was doing & completed an AIDA 2* course at SaltFree Divers and was hooked. I'm an Instructor, freediver and occasional competition organiser. Freediving gives me an excuse to play in the water, it keeps you fit, can promote teamwork and self esteem, and I think most of all for me, it introduced me to an incredible community of people. I am happy to represent all Freedivers in the UK in my Capacity in Training & Safety, so please feel free to contact me with your queries, however big or small.

Treasurer - TBC


Freediving is a potentially dangerous activity. This website exists only to provide general information about freediving and does not constitute any form of instruction. Individuals interested in freediving are strongly encouraged to undertake a course with a qualified instructor and to never freedive alone. The BFA accepts no liability for injury or death resulting from the use of information on this website.