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Launched from the Air Jordan of the first generation of shoes,this year has been a 24 generation of history. Bingzhe "to createa pair of purely for exercise and health shoes" concept, Jordan 12 Retro shoes left the pair has a pair of classic shoes to fans, one of the world's most outstanding basketball shoes series. Wade, in the summer just to air jordan 12 retro, in this month 12 days against the Cleveland Cavaliers, flash formally put on Air Jordan 12 release datechallenges of emperor James, although the heat lost the game,but Wade has won the data, and that a gas through the mountains and rivers of the dunk, believe in the fans in mindnumerous playback.

This year's Air Jordan 12 price launched the twenty-fifth generation ofshoes. This is the shoe fans hope shoes as early as yet unreleased photos have been exposed, the result has a hugecontroversy, enough to see all of his high hopes. Beijing time on November 12th, new Air Jordan 12 finally "time and againbeginning out", and this pair of final version or and before theexposure is different, a few details on the changes to the human eye preceding bright feeling.

The biggest bright spot is a transparent window on both sides of the upper circular, transparent spaces using TPU materials andsupporting force shoes will not affect. This design inspirationoriginates from the air Michael Jordan. Early in the Air Jordan 12 shoes design stage, designers Tinkei Hatfield and Mark Smith is specialfor the Jordan opinion, flying at the time whether can create apartially transparent air jordan 12 flu game shoes, a symbol of Michael sees opponentsevery act and every move, but only show he wanted them to see the game to the opponent. And there was the birth of suchtransparent air jordan 12 release 2010 shoe a chic.

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